Unlock Savings and Empower Your Home with the New England Solar Program and the Eligibility Website: https://newenglandsolarprograms.org/

Are you tired of paying high electricity bills every month? Are you looking for ways to reduce your energy costs and increase your savings? If so, the New England Solar Program may be the solution you’ve been searching for.

The New England Solar Program is a comprehensive resource for residents and businesses in the New England area looking to save on their electricity bills through the use of solar energy. The program offers a variety of solar incentives, including rebates, grants, tax credits, financing options, and more, to help reduce the cost of installing and maintaining solar panels.

Solar Incentives Calculator

Discover Incentives and Rebates Available to Help Homeowners Save With Solar

We’ll Do the Digging, You Do the Saving!

We work with both local and nationwide certified solar installers and with our combined 15 years of solar experience, we’ll shop around and get competing quotes for you. 

Your one stop shop for the most affordable way to get the best quality home solar with the best installers!

We use 3D Satellite Images to create a holograph of your neighborhood which allows us to do a full analysis online – and save you up to 40% more than other solar installers. 

Simply take the free solar quiz to find out if your home qualifies, and you’ll receive a video overview of the best option available in your area.

What Others Are Saying…

“These guys made the whole process almost effortless! All of the crew that came to the house were professional, quick, and clean. The panels look great! I am happy that I have taken a step towards being a part of renewable energy, and also cutting my energy costs in half!” ~ Duston

“Mike has been a pleasure to deal with. He is knowledgeable, attentive, friendly and keeps to his promises. He has a high level of integrity and will always find the answer if he doesn’t know it when first asks. I can heartily endorse him.” ~ Bruce

“They answered all of our questions and responded to all of our emails and texts promptly. We are so impressed with our experience and are so happy that we made the right choice..” ~ Joe & Susan

With no upfront costs for service or installation, you can start saving from day one. Solar panels are 70% cheaper today than they were 10 years ago, which means millions of homeowners that could not previously afford to do so are switching to solar. Solar panels can significantly reduce your cost of energy.

Rebates & Incentives

In order to get more people to switch to clean solar energy the federal and state governments are highly incentivizing homeowners who live in specific zip codes to go solar with $1000’s of dollars in rebates and incentives that can cover 100% of the costs associated with a new solar panel installation.

Why Go Solar?

Solar panels are an economical way for homeowners to lower their electric bill, increase their property value, and help the environment. Instead of paying electric companies top-tier costs for energy, solar panels allow you to lock in a low energy rate and save thousands year after year!

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Additionally, the New England Solar Program provides education and training opportunities, as well as support and resources, to help individuals and organizations make informed decisions about solar energy.

To help individuals determine their eligibility for the various solar incentives available through the New England Solar Program, the organization has created an easy-to-use eligibility website at https://newenglandsolarprograms.org/. This website provides a wealth of information about the program and its offerings, as well as a step-by-step guide to help users determine their eligibility and apply for the incentives they are interested in.

By taking advantage of the New England Solar Program and its incentives, you can take control of your energy bills and start saving money on your monthly electricity costs. Whether you are a homeowner, business owner, or organization looking to reduce your electricity bills and increase your energy savings, the New England Solar Program and its eligibility website are a valuable resource to consider.

So why wait? Visit the New England Solar Program’s eligibility website today and start taking control of your energy bills and unlocking savings with solar energy.

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